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We used our pizza cutter for the ribbon cutting of our new store. Now we also cut pizza's for birthday parties.  The cutter is a really big conversation starter.


Jill Smith,

Owner of Shear Magic pizza



Giant Pizza Cutter

             A pizza cutter for any occasion

We offer several different options when you purchase a pizza cutter. Sharpened, non sharpened, custom graphics sealed on the handle of the cutter and possibly graphics on the cutting wheel.

25 September 2018

John, Lisa and Father Joe an Italian family have been crafting the giant pizza cutter for over 20 years.  We strive in superior quality and craftsmanship.

The cutting wheel is solid stainless steel, Handle is made from the highest quality ash wood and the shaft is aluminum.

  • Stainless steel
  • High quality ash wood
  • Constructed with stainless hardware
  • Every cutter is custom made

What Clients Say About Us

These pizza cutters are amazing. You don't realize the quality until you have the cutter in your hands.

Harvey Hill,

Homeowner in Old Town

5 Sept 2018

25 August 2019